Tree Services Auckland

Tree Removal

We are specialists in large and technical tree removal with a variety of different systems to safely and efficiently remove trees to ground level.

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Image of Tree Removal by worker

Tree Pruning

Our arborists are experienced in size and weight reducing trees that have grown too big and need to be retained. We can also remove dead and dangerous branches making your tree safe.

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Image of Tree Pruning by worker

Orchard Maintenance

All of our arborists are training in pruning fruit trees to ensure maximum yield in produce.

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Chipping & Mulching

We have a range of wood chippers we use to mulch branches and debris resulting in a quick and tidy clean up.

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Image of worker using chipping/mulching machine

Land Clearing

We have the ability to take on larger projects like land clearing for subdivisions or full site clearance to make way for housing and development.

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Image of a truck clearing tree on the land

Hedge trimming

We have all the equipment and expertise to keep the hedges around your property in line.

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Image of worker trimming the hedge

Stump grinding

We can get the stump ground out after your tree removal is completed so you can replant in the area.

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Stump Grinding Operation

Advice and Consultancy

If you are unsure about what service you require we are happy to meet with you for a free no obligation consultation.

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